Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Project

As I have so many times in the past, I have once again come to the conclusion that I need to change things.  You know that feeling that you have when you look at your life and you realize that you are missing something? Or the feeling when you wake up and know deep down that the day has already gotten way ahead of you and you are going to be playing keep up until you flop down at 11:22 with the kitchen a total disaster and you haven't even thought about getting a shower, and your dinner is still sitting half eaten on the cabinet ( which it always is since you never eat at the table).

Yes, my life is like that awful run-on sentence and I am really over it being this way every day.  So, I've come up with a little Challenge Project to get things turned around for me and my family. I have high hopes and a huge amount of fear of failure, but what is there to lose?  A lot, actually. I could lose weight, stress, wasted time, missed opportunities, regrets, and unhappiness. I think that I am ready to lose all of those things and more, so I'm going to keep things simple and make some serious changes. Join me if you would like, it is gonna be good!